Friday, August 24, 2012

The Reason This Blog Exists

Hey there! My name is Kelly and I made this blog to help keep myself (and my over-spending fiance) on track with our monthly budget. We moved out February 2012 and took a big hit when the company he works for cut hours down to 2 days a week. That left him with only about $250-$300 every biweekly paycheck. I make around $325-$375 every two weeks if I'm lucky so I'm making the majority of the money. I also run a baking business on the side to help with my college expenses. Moving out though has surely taken a toll on us so my profits from my baking sales tend to go more towards my cost of living than school at the moment. Thank goodness for grants & scholarships! Whoooo-whee!

I want to chart our spending habits and begin a saving regimen so we can bank what we can for our wedding next October. Patrick tends to make small purchases, $5 here-$3 there, and doesn't understand that 10 of those small purchases adds up! I like to buy myself small luxuries (chocolate milk at $4/gallon, a dress that's on sale for $15 instead of $35, and school/office supplies that I probably don't need but want). We've cut back significantly within the last few months but sometimes it's hard to not buy yourself anything especially in a time where knowing you can afford something gives you joy. That's the problem!

Lydia Beiler with her blog inspired me to create this! She charts her weekly expenses as well and is fortunate to be able to use coupons in her neighborhood. Unfortunately I don't get a newspaper so I'm thankful to occasionally get the Sunday paper from my mom for the coupon section. So here goes nothin'!

Our Montly Expenses:
RENT: $535.00
NETFLIX: $8.00
INTERNET: $50.00
GROCERIES: $400.00
CAR PAYMENT: $250.80
RENTERS' INSURANCE: $35.00/every 3 months

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